Happy Independence Day 2020: Top 30 Wishes, Quotes, Messages And More

Anil Patel

India The Largest Democracies In The World. India Will Celebrate It’s 74th Independence Day On 15th Of August, 2020. It Was The Great Day, When India Finally Broke The British Rule And Gained Independence From The British Empire In The Year 1947.

History Of British Rule In India

The British Rule Was Established In India Through East India Company In The Year 1757 And The Company Exercised Control Over For 100 Years. The Fight For ‘Aazadi’ (Freedom) From The British Raj Truly Began With The Indian Revolt Of 1987, Which Is Also Known As The Indian Mutiny. The British Played The Trick Of “Divide And Rule Policy” As Slowly, India Came Under Direct British Rule As The Britishers Gradually Strengthened Their Hold Over The Nation. As We Celebrate Our 74th Independence Day This Year, We Are Sharing Top 30 Wishes, Quotes And Messages Which You Can Send To Your Friends And Family To Mark This Historic Occasion. Wishing You A Happy Independence Day 2020!

Top 30 Wishes, Quotes And Messages

The Labor Of Our Past Leaders Should Not Be In Vain. Jai Hindi!

My Love For My Nation Is Boundless. My Love For My People Is Endless. All I Desire For My Country Is Happiness. Let Me Be The First Person To Wish You A Special Happy Independence Day!

May The Flag Of Our Country Fly Higher And Higher Each Year! Happy Independence Day!

If I Am Given An Opportunity To Be Born Into This World Again, I Will Again Choose This Great Nation! Happy Independence Day! Jai Hindi!

Freedom Is The Way God Intended Us; It Is Something We Are Born With. Something That No One Can Take Away From You. Let’s Celebrate Freedom! Happy Independence Day.

Let’s Salute The Martyrs For The Sacrifices They Made And Thank Them For Giving Us Our Freedom.

Independence Day Is The Time To Rethink Who We Are And How We Got Here. Jai Hind!

Remember– United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Independence Day Is A Reminder For Us That We All Are Indians First. Happy Independence Day!

Never Forget The Sacrifice Of Our Freedom Fighters Who Formed This Country. Jai Hind!

On This Special Day Here’s Wishing Our Dreams Of A New Tomorrow Come True! May Your Independence Day Day Be Filled With Patriotic Spirit!

Our Freedom Fighters Went Through Countless Sufferings To Give Us Our Freedom. August 15 Is A Day To Remember And Honour Them. Have A Happy Independence Day!

We All Are So Different, But There Is One Thing That Unites Us And It’s Independence. We Should Honour It And Never Forget How Hard It Was To Get It. Enjoy This Beautiful Independence Day!

Freedom In Mind, Faith In Our Heart, Memories In Our Souls. Let’s Salute The Nation On Independence Day!

May The Glory Of Independence Day Be With Us Forever. Here’s Wishing You A Very Happy Independence Day!

Freedom Is Something You Have To Fight For. We’ve Tried So Hard To Earn It, So Let’s Celebrate The Fact That We Are Still Have Our Freedom. Never Let Go Of It And Always Carry It In Your Heart. Happy Independence Day!

We Should Not Let Anything Divide The Idea Of India. Happy Independence Day!

Freedom Cannot Be Bought By Money. We Earned Ours Through Years Of Struggle Against The British Raj. Let Us Remember All Those Who Fought For Our Country. Jai Hind!

We Got Our Freedom After A Lot Of Sacrifices; We Should Never Take It For Granted.

A Big Salute To All The Soldiers Who Sacrificed Their Lives For Our Independence! Jai Hind!

Today We Cherish The Ones Who Made Our Independence Possible. Freedom Is Hard To Get, But We Were Blessed To Have It. Let’s Appreciate Everything We Have And Celebrate The Great Miracle Of Freedom. Happy Independence Day.

Let’s Keep The Memories Of All The People Who Sacrificed Their Lives For Our Country Alive. Wishing You A Happy Independence Day 2020!

Let Us Honour The Struggles Of Many Bravehearts Who Fought For The Country’s Freedom. Happy Independence Day 2020!

Let’s Salute The Martyrs For The Sacrifices They Made And Thank Them For Giving Us Our Freedom.
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“Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You. Ask What You Can Do For Your Country.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

A Country’s Greatness Lies In Its Undying Ideals Of Love And Sacrifice That Inspire The Mothers Of The Race. — Sarojini Naidu

At The Dawn Of History India Started On Her Unending Quest, And Trackless Centuries Are Filled With Her Striving And The Grandeur Of Her Success And Her Failures. Through Good And Ill Fortune Alike She Has Never Lost Sight Of That Quest Or Forgotten The Ideals Which Gave Her Strength. — Jawaharlal Nehru

Let New India Arise Out Of Peasants’ Cottage, Grasping The Plough, Out Of Huts, Cobbler And Sweeper. -Swami Vivekananda

Freedom Is Never Dear At Any Price. It Is The Breath Of Life. What Would A Man Not Pay For Living? – Mahatma Gandhi.

Forget Not That The Grossest Crime Is To Compromise With Injustice And Wrong. Remember The Eternal Law: You Must Give, If You Want To Get. – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

May the sun in his course visit
no land more free, more happy,
more lovely,
than this our country!

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