What Steps Should Be Taken To Prevent & Control Rape Cases In Nepal ? ( Public’s Answer Are Given Below )

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What Steps Should Be Taken To Prevent & Control Rape Cases In Nepal ?

Answer :- (Caution :- All the answer’s we provided here is come from facebook. One of facebook page have polled and many people have given their solution for control Rape cases in nepal. the answer can be right or wrong. Thank you all people who provided us an solution to prevent rape cases.)

  • Self control education most be mendatory in every college, school and institution 🙏🙏🙏
  • Implement inhumane punishments to set examples for those who dare to commit such act.
  • Obviously humanity between people must be urged and its not all about making strict laws, its all about strong judiciary system which gives justice to victims rather to safeguard criminals.
  • mentality should be changed. we have to learn to help each other. We have to live our life for our society. Be united for humanity .
  • Sex education, morality classes and self defense classes should be included in the curriculum from the primary level of education.

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there should be the provision of death penalty on the spot…just right infront of the whole public so that they could think 10times before doing such a ridiculous activity 🙏🙏

Teaching self defense and martial art would be great! Strong judiciary system should be implemented too. Somedays ago there were some people who were trying to settle down the case by some money!

law and order, woman empowerment, justice, liberty to the victim to file their case/ speak up against rape providing them non judge mental society🙏🏻

Awareness programme are running and still no improvement Empowering girl is not enough Change the system of expressing. Don’t tell what is wrong just tell them what is right. If we replace wrong with right, positive power replace negative and there will be responsible citizens rather than greedy.

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#Notforallboys🙏🏿Especially for those boys whose mind is dumped with full of shits for girls,you all need to grow up and sanitize your mentality!🙏🏿And try to implement and respect others in your real life rather than protesting on social media!

firstly education system should be improved from school level and parents should give proper education to both the girl and boy then stirct law should be implement aganist the harressment molestation and rape but government should investigate properly sometimes innocent people are getting punishment beacause they are boy and it must be them vanneyrw proper investigation plus strict punishment should implement against it☺️

No severe punishment can control it. Be it rape case or any other crime. And the history has its proven record. The only way, is the education and awareness among the people.

Strict laws should be made and should be implemented properly 🙏❤…….The government should be active and the government shouldn’t discriminate the people in the name of money 😊Quality and moral education should be provided to all the students ☺

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Just everyone should be real human being with humanity… and a law abiding citizen of country

Every individual should respect and ready to protect for another in anyway. If we depends on government this will never stop. If you stand for yourself and others then it will more effective and productive. Let’s unite everyone to make society, city and county the place where every girls can live without fear.

Strict laws & public awareness .Ps : Not only strict laws matters when people are not awared . Both are necessary .

Long term solution: Educate children from their young age.Short term solution- strict rules such as life imprisonment ( personally I’m not in favour of hanging because innocent people may face such punishment which will be very sad and irrevocable)

1. Porn and every pic or sites promoting this be completely banned.2. Education be provided from the very childhood to class 12th.3 . Moral education be given like environment education.4. Finally the laws should be strict and judiciary system be completely changed where we should not wait 50 yrs for a justice.

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There should be the provision of deathpenalty on the spot!! right infront of the public!! so that the other evil can’t even think about it!.and inorder to prevent it ,all the educational institutions compulsory should provide the quality,proper moraleducation andethics to both male and female from primary level nd also selfdefense activities should be taught from primary level .

Strict laws that are actually implemented, proper sex education, public awareness, proper upbringing with human morals and values!!

Mothers and fathers have to care their daughters and son equally and teach them about love and compassion and how to treat girls and women’s. It starts in the families and it’s the responsibility of the parents to grow up their children with love and care

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Short term strict lawslong term proper investment in public schools quality education Moral awareness.

The most important and major step is to change the people’s mentality and stop the drug and alcohol consumption strictly.

Below is the page link where you can get more than 6k+ solutions by different people to control or prevent rape cases in nepal.
What Steps Should Be Taken To Prevent & Control Rape Cases In Nepal ?
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