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नेतृत्व व्यक्तित्व कैसे विकसित करें ? How To Develop Leadership Personality ? लीडर का मतलब सिर्फ पोलिटिकल लीडर ( Political Leader) , मैनेजर( Manager), या सीईओ (CEO ) से नहीं है │हर वो इंसान लीडर है जिसकी तरफ लोग suggestion, डिस्कशन, या सामान्य गाइडलाइन्स के लिए देखते है │ ऐसा […]

पियूष गोयल ⇒ पांच तरीको से लिखी पांच पुस्तके

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नमस्कार दोस्तों आज हम आपको ऐसे कलाकार के बारे में बताने वाले है जिन्हें एक प्रकार से नहीं बल्कि पांच प्रकार से पुस्तक लिखने का हुनर आता है . लेखक पियूष गोयल ने  उल्टे अक्षरों में गीता, सुई से मधुशाला, मेंहंदी से गीतांजलि, कार्बन पेपर से पंचतंत्र के साथ ही […]

Fucking way of Government to develop Nepal

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Economic development means a process of transformation of low-income countries into high-income by better utilization of resources. Nepal is beautiful landlocked country in Asia with the area of 1,47,181 km2 of population of 29,136,808.But it is not matter of beauty today I’m discussing about fucking way of government to develop […]


Anil Patel 2

Mr. Mohammad Shareef is the founder/Ceo of UPATH CREATIONS GROUP (LUMBINI, NEPAL). District Co-ordinator for Rupandehi at INTERNATIONAL YOUTH CENTRE (KATHMANDU, NEPAL). A Social Activist, a young Leader. He was born(1997) in a Village of Lumbini, Nepal. He is one of the Youngest Motivational/ Inspirational Speaker in Lumbini, Nepal. He […]

The Young Entrepreneur Mr. KM Jauhar

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Mr. KM Jauhar is the Manager of Motivation Funnel Pvt. Ltd. he has been working for the company since the inception. He was born in a village of Rupandehi, Nepal. After completing his education, he started being the part of the management of the company with a strong commitment to […]

The Motivation Speaker Dr. Saleem

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Dr. Saleem is a motivational speaker, leadership, and entrepreneurship coach. He is highly qualified. He is an MA in sociology and English. He is an M Phil in Conflict Management and Postcolonial Studies. He is a recent Ph.D. in Multiculturalism and Ethnicity. He is one of the most renowned young […]

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